Tantra is a top-notch Indian restaurant dedicated to presenting elegant and delicious dishes to Edinburgh. Our cuisine will take you on an aromatic, savory, and spicy culinary journey, an experience that you’ll long to repeat. Tantra’s mission is to influence people’s ideas of Indian cuisine. Our cuisine will create a multimodal experience that includes appearance, texture, flavors, and scent, which are equally important. We seek to elevate traditional Indian food by drawing inspiration from renowned worldwide cuisines and employing modern techniques such as molecular gastronomy and dish deconstruction. We guarantee that the essence of the food we serve will be authentically Indian in flavor – yet the execution and presentation will be mystical and magical in every way, just like the name ‘Tantra’ suggests.
Our professional chefs develop and cook exquisite Indian cuisine while tantalizing our guests with innovative options. Our broad menu, aimed to appeal to all types of curry lovers, delivers a taste of classic and contemporary Indian cuisine in all its delectable diversity. Our restaurant staff is always willing to assist you. When you visit us at Tantra in Edinburgh, you will undoubtedly feel the charm of the famed Asian hospitality. Whether you are here for a complete dining experience, a quick snack, or to wait for your takeaway, you will feel welcomed from the entry to the Restaurant premises. Our restaurant’s peaceful and welcoming atmosphere/setting is perfect for corporate clients, couples, groups of friends, and family. The lovely atmosphere created by the sophisticated decor and appealing lighting will immediately draw you in. Sit back and relax as the music transports you to a nation rich in culture. We exist to blend the distinct culture of India and bring it to the table. We seek the best features of these cultures to stimulate our clients’ palates and present an eye-catching cuisine that tempts your taste senses.


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